I spend a lot of time holding things up to my head in a game I like to play “is something finally bigger than my forehead”

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shia labeouf is the embodiment of *sweats nervously*

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Something I don’t talk about anymore on tumblr is any mental instabilities I have.

I feel like I’m in a place in my life where I am finally starting to grow from it and know how to deal with, and help myself. I still have really really bad days, weeks, etc. But I feel as though I finally know how to overcome my mind and mental health issues all by myself and without numbing myself with substance, repressing memories, etc, or seeking medication.

I’m very proud of myself and this is comforting to me during bad times. Whenever I have low times I know that even if I can’t pull myself out of it at the moment, that I have in the past and there is a “light at the end of the tunnel”.

This is corny but I am just very content and proud and I wish for everyone who suffers to know that recovery is possible even if it seems you have dug yourself into a hole too deep! I have been there, and support and wish the best for you all❤

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*hydrates with sparkling pink wine*

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i always have a copy of this saved in my drafts…. :)

If ur having a bad day just stick a pair of clean undies in the dryer for like 5-10 minutes then put on a nice warm pair of panties to cradle ur crotch

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