real life she devil

Currently there are too many boys texting me so I have their number saved in my phone with their name+a descriptive quality so I can identify them

il y a 19 heures // 8 notes

nothing makes me happier than dick and cash

il y a 23 heures // 6 notes

Woman and Cats, 1962Will Barnet

Guess whose got a new fuck buddy

il y a 1 jour // 6 notes

Anyways I’m not gonna delete my blog because I still like posting random shit now and then. But if you want to add me on something let me know so we can chat/not lose contact

il y a 2 jours // 3 notes

Realized I can’t delete my blog BC I have exclusive nudes and pictures of my dogs that I don’t want to be lost forever
I’m just gonna slowly fade away or something
Remember me for my love of my vagina and wrestling

il y a 5 jours // 8 notes

I’m on a greyhound bus and my ass hurts and is sweaty and people are screaming and I’m generally miserable on this bus rn

il y a 5 jours // 5 notes
En route Toronto-Gatineau-Maybe MTL (at Toronto Coach Terminal)